What is motivation at work?

  • Types of motivation at work
  • Knowing how to stimulate forms of motivation
    • Psychological needs
    • Stimulate self-motivation and decrease controlled motivation
  • Motivation Scale

Developing Positive Leadership

  • What image do you give of yourself? (working on self-awareness)
  • An eye-opening experience (working on empathy and conflict resolution)
  • Deconstructing beliefs to develop leadership (working on positive thinking and goal attainment)
  • Building trust (Johari's window of opportunity to build trust within groups and to build high-performing teams)
  • The marshmallow challenge (to build efficient work teams)
  • Challenge: find the 2 missing pieces (Build trust in a group)

The art of creating sales opportunities

  • The creation of value for sale
  • Knowing how to adapt and connect with different types of customers
  • Questions that sell
  • Listening that works
  • How to close the deal?


Benoit Chalifoux is a passionate speaker with a worldwide reputation. With more than 500 conferences to his credit, he has acquired solid experience around the world. In his talks, he will adapt to the specific needs of the organization while taking care to adapt the conference as best as possible to the challenges of the organization while at the same time absorbing the culture of the organization. All conferences are adaptable to your company's needs.

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