Soft Skills: The Key to Success in Life & Business

Benoit Chalifoux is an international speaker on soft skills, sales and diversity in the world of business in Canada, Africa and Europe. 

Benoit advises business leaders, managers and individuals in their quest for professional and personal fulfillment.

He is the author of a best-selling book on interpersonal skills entitled: "Being at your Best, The Incredible Power of Interpersonal Skills".


  • Soft Skills: The Key to Success in Life & Business

    It is important for organizations to encourage their employees to cultivate a balanced life and to equip themselves to become more efficient, while increasing their well-being, even when working from home. More than ever, interpersonal relationships are a crucial factor in the success or failure of an organization, but also in the development of the individuals who make up the organization.
  • The art of negotiating in a climate of trust

    Negotiating is about giving and receiving. You must strive to create a courteous and constructive interaction that is beneficial to both parties. Good negotiations contribute significantly to the success of the business, as they help you build better relationships and provide lasting, quality solutions. Your approach should foster goodwill, regardless of the differences in interests between you and your customers.
  • Resilience to stay on course at all times

    In this conference, Benoit Chalifoux will share strategies for developing resilience and creating a resilient team by talking about self-motivation, empathy and compassion. With a masterful hand, he conveys his messages with just the right amount of emotion, anecdotes and humour.
  • What if diversity is your best asset?

    Recent research supports the fact that diversity in all its forms indeed leads to more effective business practices. In order to capitalize on it, inclusion is a key element. This conference will empower and challenge you to reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion within your organization.
  • What if the best method of selling is NOT selling at all?

    Let’s face it, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Have you ever noticed that when there is a lack of trust, transactions tend to be drawn out and communication is halted? This conference will help you learned new sales techniques which will allow you to improve your performance.
  • Talent creator: digital accelerator

    Let's stop for a moment to see what's going on. The COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for more than 2 months has severely disrupted our economic and societal model. The digital dimension has proven to be the most crucial to ensure the proper functioning of businesses. This interlude in our lives is a good time to step back and realize the reality that is ours: the digital age is now, for everyone.
Benoit Chalifoux Speaker

They have trusted me

It's a love affair that started with Benoit's book, which I literally "devoured" in less than three days, and continued with the conference with my colleagues.  My team is now living the adventure in immersion with the workshops led by Benoit.  Relational skills are the foundation of communication and trust, and Benoit demonstrates this masterfully through the art of influencing with his boundless energy and inspiring speech. His experience and anecdotes make us think and allow us to experience emotions that we have forgotten as human beings!
Whether you are a novice or an expert, Benoît knows how to adapt his approach so that everyone can benefit from his skill development, so I recommend him without hesitation! 
Thank you Benoit. 

Bernard Truong
Directeur, Solutions, services bancaires, Groupe technologies Desjardins

Because technical skills are no longer sufficient, we have decided to put into action our willingness to develop the behavioural skills of our employees. To do so, Benoit came to give his conference in front of more than 60 employees, who were able to learn the fundamental concepts from concrete examples that challenge them. Although the event was a success, it was mostly the afterwards that had the most impact. Indeed, people's awareness of the limits they impose on themselves to stay within their comfort zone was striking. Since then, a change in behaviour has come like a shock wave, and the values promoted by the company are increasingly being reflected in them. I describe this initiative as a great success and hope that many others can benefit from it. Thank you, Benoit, for your contribution, you were simply spectacular!

Caroline Martel
Directrice des Opérations

From my first contact with Benoit, I knew that his approach was going to be a great success. He was able to imbue himself with Soprema's values as if he had been part of our culture for a long time. This first feat was immediately reflected in his memorable performance in a room filled with more than 50 experienced employees in French-language sales, followed by 40 senior employees in English-language sales in a second phase; all of them asked for more. Benoit masters the concepts of emotional intelligence in its most subtle and discreet elements, which makes him a master in the art of getting messages across to the most demanding business people in order to acquire tools that will serve as a long-lasting differentiator in our competitive marketplace.

Daniel Nadeau
DBA, National Vice-President of Sales

Benoit came to give us a presentation on soft skills at a quarterly event at Devolutions. He made a positive impression on the employees with his energy, his authenticity and the relevance of his message. But more than that, he made Devolutions think and move forward. We're still talking about it several months after his visit and we can't wait to invite him a second time!

David Hervieux

It was such a success that, by popular demand, we invited him back twice in the following months! Benoit is a generous and extremely energetic speaker who engages his audience.

François Cartier
Activateur en chef, membre fondateur
Montréal Cowork

I invited Benoit twice to Averna's house. The first time with our team of engineering leaders and the second time with our sales team. In both cases, our multidisciplinary teams were composed of resources from various countries and cultures (Mexico, Canada, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, etc.). In both cases, Benoit made a captivating presentation for everyone. Benoit was able to adapt his presentation and reflections not only to audiences who were very different in terms of function, but also to respect their cultural backgrounds. The concepts Benoit conveys are universal and transcend all our differences. This is what makes them strong. Moreover, his obvious passion for the subject makes him a value-added speaker. Thank you, Benoit, you made my teammates think and evolve.

François Rainville
CEO et Président

Benoit Chalifoux is a world-class speaker and writer, a motivator with an unrivalled human dimension, a great listener and a great dynamism. Our team at LeddarTech had the immense opportunity to live the Chalifoux experience - an exemplary and dynamic animation on the theme of growth through collaboration.  He showed us the human dimension and the importance of focusing on the human dimension to accelerate collaboration.  Using concrete examples supported by science and making a direct link with LeddarTech, our team came away from this conference with tools that we can all integrate into our daily lives. This enriching approach has led us to realize our ability to raise our level of collaboration, while helping us to better appreciate the human values within the organization.

Frantz Saintellemy
President and Chief Operating Officer

Benoit was the anchor for the first meeting of the Therrien Couture Joli-Cœur (TCJ) group held on December 4. His extremely lively and dynamic performance electrified the 340 or so participants and helped make this first meeting a success and a common experience that binds us together and serves as the basis for the creation of our new story!

Everyone was charmed by his simplicity and energy!

I warmly recommend it to everyone. He is the new star in the speaker field!

Thank you Benoit!

Jean-Luc Couture
Associé, Responsable des RH
Therrien Couture Joli-Cœur (TCJ)

Benoit is an inspiring speaker!

I had the chance to meet him a few years ago and his authenticity and good humour are contagious.

Emotional intelligence soft skills is a hot topic that Benoit masters perfectly.

He has allowed my team and myself to learn more about the subject in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Marc Bérubé
Coaching Financier Trek

Benoit captured attention from the beginning of the conference and kept interest throughout the conference with his dynamism and enthusiasm. A most interesting subject considering the future of our different business sectors that will appeal to all styles of companies and personalities.

Thank you again Benoit for this conference!

Michael Bilodeau
BAA, Pl.Fin., Regional Director
Investor Group

Benoit is an amazing speaker, full of energy, a great sense of humor and has a very relevant and inspirational message to share.  Benoit was our keynote speaker at our leadership conference on Soft Skills in September 2019. The appreciative part was that he took the time to really understand what we were looking for and customized to our needs. The feedback from the managers was overwhelming positive.  We felt very lucky to have him on stage at our leadership conference. We would highly recommend him.

Mina Farinacci
Associée directrice du Québec
BDO Canada

Getting a standing ovation at 9:00 a.m. in front of an audience of presidents of tech companies: that's the feat achieved by Benoit Chalifoux at Vision CEO 2019! Benoit has the art of conveying his messages with the right mix of emotions, life stories and anecdotes; all of which is enhanced with humour and truth. Beware, passive audiences will be confused!

Whatever the size of your group, I recommend Benoit Chalifoux and he will be able to capture the attention and provoke reflection in everyone.

Nicole Martel
Présidente-directrice générale/CEO
Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)

There are moments in your life that you don't forget and Benoit's soft skills training conference was one of them. What a success! A motivating intervention with great depth and humour. His refined knowledge of human relations, regardless of their organizational or cultural context, is unequalled. Participants came away equipped with valuable ingredients that will contribute to their personal and professional development. We were very pleased to receive this brilliant speaker.

Oumar Diallo
Administrateur et président du bureau de direction
Le Réseau des entrepreneurs et professionnels africains (REPAF)

In a cultural context different from his own, Benoit was able to inspire his audience and pass on the flame of soft skills. Through his generosity and passion, all the participants came out eager to put into practice the tools and principles illustrated during his brilliant performance.

Papa Sow
MTN Guinée

Benoit Chalifoux was simply inspiring, and his performance was remarkable!

We invited Benoit to give a one-hour lecture on soft skills for our Risk Management service line. Benoit was able to connect with his audience, and inspire both analysts and partners to get out of their comfort zone to improve their personal and professional relationships.

The subject is captivating, original and topical. His anecdotes are comical and authentic. The feedback was unanimous, and we highly recommend it!

Robert Masse
Partner, Cyber Risks

His overflowing energy is positively contaminating us. His speech is inspiring. His experience and anecdotes make us think. We were won over by this outstanding speaker! And on a more personal level, his very human approach generates value! Thank you Benoit!

Sylvain Gauthier
Harris Québec et marché canadien des soins de santé

Benoit is motivating, inspiring and dynamic. He has been able to communicate the importance of emotional intelligence through amusing and relevant anecdotes while captivating our 200 employees. His impact has been positive and will stay with us for a long time!

Sylvain Simpson

The conference on the importance of soft skills, which you presented to our 150 employees on the last night of our annual four-day retreat, had an incredible effect. It was a key moment in our seminar. A conference that had the effect of a spark that led us to a reflection of impact for the organization.

In addition to the many thanks we received from our employees for presenting such a relevant and high quality conference, they are still talking to us today about the foundations of what you said and how to put it into practice. You have clearly helped us to make our teams aware of the fundamental principles, taking our organisation one step further in the right direction.

We will certainly repeat the exercise in the future.

Thierry Bodson
Partner, Global COO
IN-RGY Canada

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The training and coaching offer are intended for executives, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. The workshops on motivation, on positive leadership and sales are of variable length and are offered for both small and large groups. The objective is to support the group of people in achieving the targeted objectives.

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Being at your best
The incredible power of interpersonal skills

Les relations interpersonnelles ont toujours été un facteur crucial à l’épanouissement des individus, mais également à la réussite des organisations. Les échanges, la confiance et l’entraide sont au cœur du succès ou de l’échec d’une entreprise, mais également de nos objectifs personnels, quels qu’ils soient.

À l’ère des technologies qui s’accélèrent, l’être humain est dorénavant confronté à une virtualisation du travail et des relations. Les humains travaillent et communiquent sans s’entendre, se voir ou se côtoyer. La productivité prend le dessus sur l’humanité, la connaissance sur le relationnel, les hard skills sur les soft skills.

Comment parvenir à connaître le succès professionnel tout en étant aligné avec sa quête personnelle? Tel est l’objet de ce livre. Dans cet ouvrage, l’auteur propose des outils concrets pour améliorer les comportements individuels et les relations interpersonnelles, de même que la performance organisationnelle qui en découle. Il s’appuie sur les dernières recherches scientifiques en intelligence émotionnelle et les illustre par des expériences de vie.

Book: Being at your best The incredible power of interpersonal skills

« Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.»

Zig Ziglar