• Soft Skills: The Key to Success in Life & Business

    It is important for organizations to encourage their employees to cultivate a balanced life and to equip themselves to become more efficient, while increasing their well-being, even when working from home. More than ever, interpersonal relationships are a crucial factor in the success or failure of an organization, but also in the development of the individuals who make up the organization.
  • The art of negotiating in a climate of trust

    Negotiating is about giving and receiving. You must strive to create a courteous and constructive interaction that is beneficial to both parties. Good negotiations contribute significantly to the success of the business, as they help you build better relationships and provide lasting, quality solutions. Your approach should foster goodwill, regardless of the differences in interests between you and your customers.
  • Resilience to stay on course at all times

    In this conference, Benoit Chalifoux will share strategies for developing resilience and creating a resilient team by talking about self-motivation, empathy and compassion. With a masterful hand, he conveys his messages with just the right amount of emotion, anecdotes and humour.
  • What if diversity is your best asset?

    Recent research supports the fact that diversity in all its forms indeed leads to more effective business practices. In order to capitalize on it, inclusion is a key element. This conference will empower and challenge you to reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion within your organization.
  • What if the best method of selling is NOT selling at all?

    Let’s face it, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Have you ever noticed that when there is a lack of trust, transactions tend to be drawn out and communication is halted? This conference will help you learned new sales techniques which will allow you to improve your performance.
  • Talent creator: digital accelerator

    Let's stop for a moment to see what's going on. The COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for more than 2 months has severely disrupted our economic and societal model. The digital dimension has proven to be the most crucial to ensure the proper functioning of businesses. This interlude in our lives is a good time to step back and realize the reality that is ours: the digital age is now, for everyone.

Available trainings

The training and coaching offer are intended for executives, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. The workshops on motivation, on positive leadership and sales are of variable length and are offered for both small and large groups. The objective is to support the group of people in achieving the targeted objectives.

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